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5 Challenges Your Tech Startup Will Face (and How We Help You Overcome Them)

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Cash Flow & Retention

"Larger tech companies in Silicon Valley can pay much higher salaries than a local startup can afford." Mat Peterson, founder of app development company Shiny Things. Good Policies leveraging creative people can mean the difference between retaining someone long term and losing good talent to competition. We can help construct those policies for you, saving you time, headache, revenue and lost talent.


Hiring Top Talent

Not able to draw top talent because you are not one of the heavily funded unicorn companies? Hiring is a huge issue for startup and growing tech companies. Inability to draw top talent in the tech space can cripple you before you get going. But outsourcing your HR and recruiting efforts to us at an early stage can help you attract top talent and create systems like the top tech companies. Not to mention saving you time. Let Processio help bring you the best talent available!



"Tech startups are fast-growing and attract massive amounts of funding, but it's hard to accommodate that growth well," said William Zhou, CEO of education technology company Vetica. "Tech startups are notorious for overscaling, or hiring too many employees prematurely. In fact, 74 percent of high-growth Internet startups fail due to premature scaling, according to the 2011 Startup Genome Report. Always hire slow and fire fast." We can advise you in controlled growth and as an outsourced HR department even do the firing for you.


Constant Change

Technology rapidly changes! More so than any other industry. If you are trying to beat the competition to a solution with a solution then you need on demand partners. Partners that are willing to work with you on aggressive timetables and won't wait a week before getting back to you. Processio is a veteran owned and operated company that can help make you more agile and advise you moving forward on all things HR.



"If you fail, try again, but next time, do it faster," "Ziptask started, failed, pivoted, started again, failed, pivoted, started again, took investment, succeeded and now is growing. It took three solid efforts by an extremely determined group to get to legitimate revenue." Shawn Livermore, founder and CEO of outsourcing platform Ziptask told Business News Daily. 

The Name of the game here is speed and control. You don’t need to be floundering over hiring practices or worrying about compliance and the penalties involved. Outsource to us, as you need speed on your side. You are looking for talent, right? Make the first right HR move and bring us on as your HR talent. We don't have a learning curve.


Vet Owned

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