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of candidates say that a positive candidate experience influenced their decision to accept an offer.


Hiring the wrong person for an important role can cost you time, money, and even affect your company’s reputation. That is why the first step in our recruitment process is a strategy consultation to determine the unique skills and qualifications best suited for each role so we can find the perfect fit. From creating and managing job postings, reviewing incoming applications, conducting initial screenings, and coordinating interview scheduling, we have each step of the process covered.

We can even be part of the interview process itself, if you would like additional feedback. Using industry leading interview techniques, we can find the right talent to be part of your team and contribute to your business’ future growth.

HR Outsourcing

Today’s human resources landscape isn’t what it used to be. Understanding the responsibilities that come with it can also be challenging and incredibly time-consuming. It takes both experience and expertise to navigate these changing paradigms that employers and job seekers face, and to ultimately create successful placements which support fulfillment on both sides. At Processio Strategic, we create and manage job postings, review applications, conduct initial phone screens, and coordinate interview schedules. We can even be a part of the interviews if you would like the additional perspective. The best part about it is that we offer a recruiting strategy consultation, which means the ones helping you recruit are the ones who have helped develop the strategy behind the recruitment need.

We proudly offer BambooHR, the #1 rated human resource system for small-medium sized businesses, included in our service. Click here to learn more.

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Strategic Planning

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the most helpful thing you can have is an outside perspective to identify solutions in business or in life? We hear you.

The truth is, every business has goals and objectives, but few have solid plans on how to accomplish them. This is, among many things, what separates successful businesses from the rest. Our experience isn’t limited to human resources. Rather, we’re here to partner with you to create a plan for growth in all areas of your business.

We’ll help analyze your business on an organizational level so you can not only identify what goals and objectives you need to achieve to grow your business, but also identify a plan to get you there using efficient tools and resources.

Project-Based Consulting

Utilizing years of experience in helping businesses achieve their goals, we can help your organization tackle almost any HR-related project. Past projects we’ve assisted clients with include creating Employee Handbooks, creating company policies, researching and finding benefit packages, and more.

Each project is quoted on a flat fee so there are no surprises in cost for the services we provide. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Fractional CHRO

Hiring a Chief Human Resources Officer will cost your business 6-figures plus. Or, for a fraction, you can enlist the help of Processio Strategic Services, with experience spanning multiple industries. Our small but mighty team is available to you by phone, Zoom, email, and for local businesses, in person, to assist with all of the tasks you need, and nothing you don’t.

Some of the services we monitor and remain proactive for include employee relations and problem solving, HR policy drafting and implementation, systems and processes design, onboarding, terminations, labor regulation compliance, and general employer and management coaching. Additionally, consider us your partner in growth. As you navigate new horizons, we’re there for you just like an in-house hire would be.

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